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Welcome to the Academy of the Night! Make yourself comfortable! Get to know the other students and teachers! Please allow unrealistic.entity know if anything is wrong! Thank you!
The Academy of the Night

Are you alone in the world? Do you need someone more alike to you to make you feel comfortable? No matter if you are a witch, wizard, or a demon of some form, you are welcome into the arms of Headmistress Shadow!
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PostSubject: Headmistress Sky Shadow   Headmistress Sky Shadow I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 17, 2009 12:36 pm

Name: Sky Shadow
Nickname(Optional): The Reject from Heaven or Lucifer's Angel
Age: Unknown; Appears to be 27
Race/Species: Angelic Vampire
Sexual Orientation: Undecided
Hometown: Eden
Occupation: Headmistress

Eyes: Green
Hair: Ebony
Body: Scars all over her back and stomach.
Face: A thin scar along her right jaw bone.
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 130lbs

Sky Shadow is split between to entities. Sky is the loving, angelic side, and Shadow is the vampiric, non-caring side. She is usually calm and caring, unless thirsting for blood.

Sky has walked the Earth for many centuries, and shall be doing so for years to come. Her past is fuzzy, but from what she can remember is she has three brother's and a single sister. Her brothers are Vincent Vakirim, Mizuki Atsuki, and Jin Atsuki. Her sister is Arika Arcana. Before she was known as the Angelic Vampire she was just an average half blooded vampire that was bit around the age of twenty-four. As the years passed, her life started to become more and more hectic. She was killing too much. She stopped. She was done taking the lives from the innocent. She refused to drink from people. When she was feeling faint, she would feed on animals that the human's wouldn't miss. A few years later she found herself stuck in a very harsh situation. She was pinned to a wall, no way out. She wasn't going to harm a human to live. She was done with that. The moment she cried out to them that she was not going to harm them, she was killed. It was definitely her time to die, but God said, "I will allow you to walk the Earth as Lucifer's Angel because you are not fit to be here, nor are you fit to be in hell." She was cast down to the Earth yet again to clear out the unwanted, and live as a messenger. She came across many lovers throughout her life. Up until she became the second headmistress of the Academy of the Night she was merely a loving mother to her adopted children, Riley Shadow and Alex West. Before she had even come across the two boys she had a different son. His name was Malus. She loved this boy to death. She raised him from when he was six to about ten. Once he hit the age of seventeen, she was going to turn him. She never got the chance. Malus was killed, in front of her very eyes by a pirate named Annalise. Years passed. Her revenge was made upon the death of the girl due to a storm that wrecked her ship. Sky went on by herself for a few years and then found herself with a blind child in her possession. She raised him and then turned him so that he wouldn't suffer from being blind. His name was Riley, but he had forgotten his last name so she adopted him and changed his name. She then came across another child named Alex West. The boy was young, but she found something special about him and took him in to her possession as well. She raised them both and then finally allowed them to come to the Academy when she got the job.

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Headmistress Sky Shadow
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