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The Academy of the Night

Are you alone in the world? Do you need someone more alike to you to make you feel comfortable? No matter if you are a witch, wizard, or a demon of some form, you are welcome into the arms of Headmistress Shadow!
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 Lei'Lani December Casanova

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PostSubject: Lei'Lani December Casanova   Tue Aug 25, 2009 6:18 am

Name: Lei'Lani December Casanova
Race/Species: Human(O'ahu,Hawaiian & Arubian,Carribean) Advanced Telekinetic
Sexual Orientation: straight
Hometown: Warren County, North Carolina
Occupation: Student [ Admires Jecht regardless of his attitude. She thinks he's Batman], Dancer, Singer

Hair:Naturally Black, but dies it Brown sometimes.
Body: none
Face: Pretty 2 Toned Lips, and Pretty eyes
Weight:115 lbs.

Lei'Lani is a very sweet girl who loves to be around people. she enjoys making eople smile and is on this mission to make her Rolemodel Jecht Smile. She like to see people smile, and she loves to cook. She is facinated with Batman comics, Culinary arts, and listening to music. Though she has the appearance of a brat she is nothing like a stucj up little girl. she just loves for people to be happy. Having been see so much hurt, pain, blood, and evil in her life it makes her sad to see others pain. She is a very open minded girl who has an edge. She can party, being raised around drinker, smokers, drug abusers, and murders she knows life of the party. she doesnt mind taking a drink or two, dancing which she loves dearly. Lei'Lani is also snappy when on her period. She can be mean when somone talks about her behind her back, someone she likes... like once she got into a argument because one of her fellow classmates call Jecht a Asshole behind his back. She despises fakeness and phony business. Shes honest, Caring, protective, bold, courageous, and fun.

Lei'Lani was born in Mariah Pharam Hospital in Vance County, North Carolina to Seiko Kaiolohia whom originated from O'ahu, Hawaii and her father Taio Casanova whon originated from the Carribean island Aruba. he later moved to take car of his mother in Warren county north carolina. there he maet his wife Seiko, whom was on vacation visiting her aunts and uncles over the summer. When Seiko met Taio she instantly fel in love and accidentaly ended up getting pregante with Lei'Lani whom was named after Seiko's Great grandmother. the couple began to stress out, Seiko being young and naive thought that her and Taio would work but Taio wasnt ready for a child but he would stay and take care of his. She soon seen that he wasnt ready and the two began to argue, to where they split. engulfed in anger Seiko did the dumbest thing thing ever she took a shot of Tequila while 9 months pregante. when Lei'Lani was born she coulnt breath right, and Seiko was terrified. by the grace of god baby Lei'Lani was healthy, and a beautiful baby, but she was mentally different. no retarded, challenged. But supernatural. as Lei'Lani grew she leanred she could control thins with her mind. She could control the elements, the oxygen in the air, the UV rays from the sun that hit her body,the way plants grow, and people as well. With this beautiful gift she would fly around, and have fun thinking she was unseen. Until one day her father saw her an reffered her to attend The Academy of the Night. she has been here for a year, and she has grown to love the self defense teacher Jecht. she admires hoe different he is from everyone, and she loves the fact that she can fight, being that she can barely throw a punch, she sees him like no one else. She one day wishes to make him smile, and oneday master some form of combat, but only from him. But shes a all A's and B's student who lives life waiting to see what comes to her.

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PostSubject: RE: Lei'Lani December Casanova   Tue Aug 25, 2009 6:25 am


Though please spell check that, there were quite a few mistakes.
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Lei'Lani December Casanova
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