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Welcome to the Academy of the Night! Make yourself comfortable! Get to know the other students and teachers! Please allow unrealistic.entity know if anything is wrong! Thank you!
The Academy of the Night

Are you alone in the world? Do you need someone more alike to you to make you feel comfortable? No matter if you are a witch, wizard, or a demon of some form, you are welcome into the arms of Headmistress Shadow!
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PostSubject: Leahandra VonLyonCourt   Leahandra VonLyonCourt I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 04, 2009 2:21 am

Name: Leahandra Von LyonCourt
Nickname: Leah
Race/Species: Vampire
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Hometown: Occupation: Secretary(part-time)

Eyes: Amethyst
Hair: Raven Black/ Purple Hilights
Body: Tall and Slender
Face: Almost Statuesque due to her marble like complexion.
Height: 6ft
Weight: 10 stone

Personality: Leahandra is a quiet and resserved young woman, with a shy smile and easy but almost nervous manner she mostly keeps herself to herself. When she socialises, she tend's to air on the side of caution until she gains a small level of trust with those around her, however until then she tries to be pleasant and polite to those around her. Leahandra is only nasty to those who have crossed her and holds a furious temper in check beneath those vibrant Amethyst eyes.
Lehandra Loves to read and see's reading among other thing's as her passion, she has a huge collection of book's from all over the globe. Each of these being a treasured possession which is well read and well thumbed. Nothing equal's Leahandra's passion for reading more than her love for the piano. Having being forced to learn from the age of 6 Lea quickly discovered she loved the music and dove into it's learning with a passion, excelling at it and surpassing all her tutor's. Leahandra loves to go on long walk's through the dense wooded forest's of Transylvania, exploring the wildlife and foliage and recording them in her diary.

Likes: Reading, writing, playing the piano, going on walks
Dislikes: Ignorant people, bright colours

The only child of Greyhame and Berylanna Von Lyoncourt. Leahandra hail's from a strict Transylvanian family causing her to lead an extremely sheltered and spoiled life, getting everything she wanted and having her every stray thought acted upon. Leahandra never completely understood what it meant to live outside her family. Her early years were quite uneventful and passed by in a whirl of small gathering's and new thing's to learn and book's to read, the only event affecting her was the death of her dear Grandfather, whom she was very close to. This sent Leahandra into a melancholy from which it took her a long while to break, causing her parent's to worry over her health and thus she was sent to the local boarding school. Her father having decided perhap's the change of pace would help her recover.
And thus Leahandra was educated at the nearby boarding school. During her stay at the school, she became a very intelligent young woman whom showed plenty of ambition and a desire to learn all thing's no matter how small, which shocked and marvelled her teacher's. Leahandra left the boarding school shortly before her 16th birthday to a large number of teary farewell's and several gift's from both Teacher's and pupil's alike. Showing how deeply an impression she had made upon them. Upon returning home when she was sixteen, her parents introduced her to William Van Grisham. This meeting would change her life forever. Leahandra became close to William and they began to date, spending time discussing Book's, and playing the piano together. William was a wonderful musician and even embarking upon the long walk's that she loved so dearly, Sometimes spending hour's lost among the forest tree's stealing moment's together and simply enjoying each other's company.
Two months after meeting William, During a sad turn of event's that would change her life forever. William turns her into a vampire. Leahandra stumbled upon him when he was in a blood rage, unaware of his true nature and that he had been resisting his desire to feed for fear of hurting her. Grabbing her, he begins to feed from her as she is helpless in his arm's, only realising it his girlfriend when he turns to watch the sparkle of life fade from her jewel like eyes. He saved her from death by injecting the venom from his fangs into her bloodstream and thus. She became a vampire.
Growing tired of her parents nagging her to marry William, and the stress of being a newborn vampire affecting her, she decides to run away on the eve of her 17th birthday Leah packed her belonging's.. Having heard about the academy in a passing MSN message from an old friend Vladen whom she had lost contact with. Leahandra decided to seek out this academy and try to complete her education, while discovering who and what she is and tries to come to terms with what her beloved William has turned her into.
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PostSubject: Re: Leahandra VonLyonCourt   Leahandra VonLyonCourt I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 04, 2009 3:04 am

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Leahandra VonLyonCourt
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