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The Academy of the Night

Are you alone in the world? Do you need someone more alike to you to make you feel comfortable? No matter if you are a witch, wizard, or a demon of some form, you are welcome into the arms of Headmistress Shadow!
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PostSubject: Sammy Kaningen   Sammy Kaningen I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 23, 2009 12:58 am

Name: Sämhurd Kaningen
Nickname(Optional): Sammy
Age: 18
Race/Species: Human-like Harbinger
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Hometown: Some huge castle near a very, very small town in Finland.
Occupation: Yeah.... Harbinger? And Student.

Skills: Sammy is a natural (?) for magic, most notably the kind he calls ‘magic of the coincidence’ I.E. causing electronic malfunctions (power-shortages, computer-crashes, Short-circuit, etc.) and causing pests and plagues (calling up grasshopper-swarms and toad- and rat-plagues, etc.). But it’s logical when your entire family consists of wizards and shamans.

Strengths: Sammy will always remain optimistic, even in the most retarded and sickening situations. This, however, might be fucking annoying at some times.

Weaknesses: Sammy lacks much of personal motivation for everything besides Drinking, Eating and what he does best; causing chaos and disorder (by means of magic). And he’s got a inborn problem with authority and rules.

Eyes: Like most human-like Harbingers, Sammy’s eyes are green with a yellowish corona around the pupil.
Hair: Sammy’s got long unkept hair, that reaches to his shoulders. His hair has the same colour as Highland cattle.
Body: Well, there is not much to say. He looks like a human, just way paler. If he’d stand naked against a white wall, you’d barely see him. He’s not really muscular, but he’s no anorexian either.
Face: Not much wierd, besides the ears. The ears of human-like Harbingers have a strange feature; the part of the earshell (?) closest to the back of the head curls inward, so that it looks like Harbingers got pointed ears.
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 143 lbs

Sammy is mostly a fun-loving and humorous person, always looking for a laugh and always being optimistic. However, his form is humor is typical for any Harbinger; it mostly deals with beer-drinking, money, greed, war, death, dying, chaos, disorder, panic and misery. It’s all very cruel, but it’s what Harbingers keep laughing. I short; He’s very social, but his jokes may be offensive.
Another aspect of his personality is that he will do almost anything for money, or if you ask him something, that he will charge you money for the answer, either joking or serious.
The next typical aspect is the inborn need to disrespect and challenge authority. It’s not to be called Rebellious, since it’s a racial characteristic (?) of Harbingers to wreak havoc and cause chaos and disorder. It’s what they do (for a living).
The last thing is his (and other Harbingers) love for the Woodland and those who live in it. From this aspect of their personality comes the inborn hatred for Lumbermen (‘those who destroy the woods’), Hunters (‘Those who murder the woodlanders’ (animals)) and Tourists (‘those who devile the woods).
Sammy is a vegitarian, but only because eating human flesh is outlawed.

Forest and Forest-animals
Finland, his motherland
Cheese (All Harbingers love cheese)
Folk Metal
Sword & Sorcerer games/movies/books
Wreaking Havoc
Panicing Humans
Chaos and Disorder

Psychological Pressure (on himself)
Hunters, Lumbermen and Tourists
Humanitairism (Humanism caused a decrease in income for Harbingers)

Sämhurd Kaningen was born in a small village in Finland. Both his parents were Harbingers, which are commonly known as bringers of omens and bad, bad news. This is true, but it’s widely unknown that Harbingers are also creators of bad news. Since the beginning of history, Warlords and Generals have always used Harbingers to predict the future, or to use their magic to ‘alter the future’. Harbingers are actually (families of) wizards, druids and shamans that use their magic to cause havoc, or protect people from other Harbingers and magic (no hard feelings, though; most Harbingers see war as some sort of game) in exchange for money, wealth and services (reaching from cleaning the porch till building monuments and statues for that and that particular Human/Harbinger). With the coming of humanitairism, followed by an increase of compassion for other humans, the usual income of the Harbingers started to fluctuate and eventually drop to certain levels that some Harbingers even started to work as janitors in schools.
Sammy’s parents, however, converted their huge castle into a hotel to keep their lives running. Sammy grew up in a strange world; on this side, the world of magic and paranormalism his parents lived in, on the other side, the impressions of the ‘real’ world brought to him by the guests. But don’t think he had no friends. He used to hang around in the woods with the local boys. His family had lived in the same castle for centuries, so the entire town had a very deep respect for him and his family. But that was partly because of the fact that the town knew their ‘secret’, though nobody ever spoke about it.
At the age of 12, his parents sent him to the Academy of the Night, which every member of his family had attended since it was build (well, actually 22 years after that, but still). He attended the first year, and in the holidays he went back to Finland to help his parents with the hotel.
With the age of 14, Sammy and his local lads went to their first metalconcert. Some of them loved it, some of them hated it. Sammy loved it. As time passed by, Sammy got more and more into metal, especially Folk-Metal, since the (Neo-)paganism of the Folk-metalhead reminded him of his own roots. That’s how he became a metalhead.
At school, his reputation of being a menace grew. He played all sorts of dirty tricks on people, such as summoning a ratplague in the girl’s gymshowers (little is just as nasty as a wet rat. 100 wet rats, however, is.). But he wasn’t an bad menace, not one of them dudes that kick your ass just to see the expression on your face. He was a kind menace, just a crazy dude with a bad sense of humor.


The minute I find a good picture, I will post it.
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PostSubject: Re: Sammy Kaningen   Sammy Kaningen I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 23, 2009 3:05 am

Nice application bro, just try and find a picture if ya can. Though you did describe your appearance well, it's just easier with a picture. Approved.
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Sammy Kaningen
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