The Academy of the Night
Welcome to the Academy of the Night! Make yourself comfortable! Get to know the other students and teachers! Please allow unrealistic.entity know if anything is wrong! Thank you!
The Academy of the Night

Are you alone in the world? Do you need someone more alike to you to make you feel comfortable? No matter if you are a witch, wizard, or a demon of some form, you are welcome into the arms of Headmistress Shadow!
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PostSubject: Riku Akiro   Riku Akiro I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 30, 2009 8:04 am

Name:Riku Akiro
Nickname(Optional): Riku
Age: 16
Race/Species: Kitsune (Fox Demon)
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Hometown: Unknown.
Occupation: Student

Eyes: Sapphire Blue (Human Form) Crimson (Kitsune Form)
Hair: Dark brown hair.
Body: Curse Circle on left palm.
Face: None
Height: Average
Weight: 50kg

Riku is a really fun loving guy. He is a real flirt around girls but laid back at other times. He is always up for a battle, He is always very protective over his friends.
In his Kitsune Form He can be really Shy. As both forms hold no memory between eachother.

Riku Does not know much about his past. Only that he was one of the Sons of the heavens. Light, Fire, Water, air and the rest, yet he was burdened with Darkness. He knows he killed his own mother and father at age 14 but is unable to remember anything that happened before that day. He fled to earth and lived on the streets of Guardia, a small town not far from the large manor he once sheltered in as an Adopted son of Master Slight. He struggled to survive everyday, becoming a thief and a begger. When Riku was 16 He was told that his sisters and Sisters were still alive. Wanting the truth of his past, he tracked down one of his family to the academy.

Riku always carries with him two weapons.

Dragon Bow - A Jagged bow made of pure dragon scales. the arrows are made of Morrowind Silver, Making them Incredibly tough. the tips however are modified to have added spikes for increased damage. Each arrow tip has been purified with Mirkwood poison, causing severe burning to hit area's muscle and nerves.

SoulRipper - An Ancient Scythe, crafted from Alri Crystals and Madness Ore. making it almost unbreakable. It is resistent to all types of magik. The blade itself has a Sleek, but dark silver color to it and has been engraved with Sigil Stones, Giving it Spiritual Aura. It holds a medium Sided Crimson red Gem designed to Hold up to 3 of Souls Of its Victims. The handle, Made of Oynx, Adapts to its Masters Aura and Soul Capacity. The SoulRipper is a Dadric Artifact.

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