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The Academy of the Night

Are you alone in the world? Do you need someone more alike to you to make you feel comfortable? No matter if you are a witch, wizard, or a demon of some form, you are welcome into the arms of Headmistress Shadow!
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 Tiny Little Miracles

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Melanie Fisher

Melanie Fisher

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PostSubject: Tiny Little Miracles   Mon Sep 21, 2009 12:07 am

Mel took a deep breath as she crossed the threshold into the hospital. She sat down gingerly, glancing around her, and waited for someone to notice her.
She was only here for one thing; a check up on the twins. Their faster-than-usual growing had got Mel worried, and even though she couldn't hide it from Vlad, she fought to keep her worries under wrap. She needed to be somewhere by the time she hit eighteen, she knew that much.
Sighing sadly, Mel rested a protective hand over her twins, smiling as iher fingers settled into the curve of her already showing bump. Mel really needed to know how long she had until it was expected she would go into childbirth. Her job was far too important, and if she didn't denounce her status soon, she would be expected to either take up her rightful throne or die for her crime.
Either way, she found it difficult to imagine a world without Vlad...
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Tiny Little Miracles
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