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Welcome to the Academy of the Night! Make yourself comfortable! Get to know the other students and teachers! Please allow unrealistic.entity know if anything is wrong! Thank you!
The Academy of the Night

Are you alone in the world? Do you need someone more alike to you to make you feel comfortable? No matter if you are a witch, wizard, or a demon of some form, you are welcome into the arms of Headmistress Shadow!
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 Starting Page of my new book o.o

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PostSubject: Starting Page of my new book o.o   Starting Page of my new book o.o I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 05, 2009 6:52 am

Chapter One – Blood

I need Blood. The thirst burned in my throat like a scorching flame that refused to go out. The humans heartbeats seemed to have increased in sound and the irresistible smell of their blood had become stronger. So much stronger....I felt myself walking closer to one of the men on their stupid bricks they called phones. My lips parted as I leant over to take a bite from his soft, smooth neck.
“No,” I gasped and stopped suddenly, making my feet take me to an alleyway where the air wasn’t filled as much with the sweet smell of blood. I leant against the wall and closed my eyes groaning. Oh how I hated this lonely road of the un-dead. We wondered alone and frozen in our forever dead state, free to wonder the earth and feed when we please. I could have snapped that mans neck, the thought made me flinch. Would I have killed him? Would I have taken him away from his family like I was so forcibly removed from mine?
No, no I wouldn’t have done that. No matter what nightmarish secrets and tales humans told each other I would not kill an innocent human being. But no human is innocent, they murder, they lie, they cheat and they steal. They deserve to die. I growled warningly to my mind as I struggled to rein it in from disastrous thoughts. I wouldn’t and couldn’t kill anyway, no matter how much my limbs ached for the sweet smell of human blood. My life was a constant torture, never being able to escape the smell of blood, having to move in crowds of mindless human beings and the last curse this dreadful god placed on me, to be alone. The first of one kind and the last of another, was this whole world against me?! Did people hate me because they knew I was different and they didn’t understand?! That’s what these stupid creatures have done before. Let’s get rid of a race because we don’t understand! The anger rose in me like an involuntary wave of lava, consuming my body like a hungry shark. Its jaw’s of fire crushing my frozen heart and swallowing me whole, leaving me in the blackness of godly anger.
My hands curled into fists as my nails dug into the marble skin on the palm of my hand leaving behind the outlines of the unbreakable tool. I caught my reflection in the pale window opposite me and flinched. Staring back at me was the creature from children’s nightmares, a creature that had been in my own nightmares, the creature of night. I closed my eyes and a single crystal tear fell from my lifeless eyes. What was happening to me? I looked at my shaking hands and stuffed them into my pockets. I knew what was wrong with me; I was a monster. A freak, a disgrace of nature, a mythological being that should go back to its black stained book and stay there. It should be safe in a story not staring back at me with cold black eyes that shone with a bright red flame.
“Pull yourself together Ember,” I whispered to myself and squared my slender shoulders. I took a step out of the alley and joined the flow of people in the street as I let my senses guide me. I blocked out the smell of blood with all my efforts and concentrated on the scent I had been following the past week; a scent that would hopefully give me the answers I needed.
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Starting Page of my new book o.o
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